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    Picardie Bakery

    It is located on the 1st floor, an assigned take-away shop which provides the highquality manmade western snacks, biscuits, chocolate.

    ¥ Price
    Booking and consulting please call 021-64377050 to 3618 or 3527
    Catering banquet, please turn to the dining reservation"
    • Open Hour:

      9:00 - 20:00


      Contact No:

      021-64377050 Ext: 3582



      1st floor of main building

    • Hengshan chestnut cake

      This, originated from the famous dessert in 1929, was the unique skill of Master Pan Bo Liang. Today, the first generation of Master Pan, Ying Guanbao, should be 75 years old. Mater Ying made chestnut cake for 40 years in Hengshan hotel and until now every batch of chestnuts have to go through his personal checks. The chestnut powder, though relatively simple and plain, has very beautiful appearance, with the praise of "Shanghai Tiramisu", "Oriental Star of Dessert". 

      Thick chestnut cream in the middle was made by crushing and repressing thecooked chestnuts by hand. Chestnut cake has retained the original formula,but was fine-tuning according to people's tastes. In order to retain the best taste, each chestnut cake can only save 24 hours a day, so the number of sold is limited.

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