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    Itis located on the 1st floor of the annex building, a classic Cantoneserestaurant featured in the cooking of high level bird’s nest,  abalone and shark’s fin. It is able to fully satisfy the guests with the beautiful and elegant environment and unique food.

    The restaurant has four deluxe private dinning rooms as well(Magnolia Room, Rose Room, Lotus Room, Peony Room and Bauhinia Room).

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    Booking and consulting please call 021-64377050 to 3618 or 3527
    Catering banquet, please turn to the dining reservation"
    • Open Time:

      Lunch:  11:00 - 14:00

      Dinner: 17:00 - 21:00


      Contact No:

      021-64377050 Ext: 3565



      1st floor of the annex building

    • RoastedPrime Rib with Secret Sauce

      Savour the prime rib, hand-picked and speciallyprepared to perfection by our Chinese master chef. All the ribs roasted inalmost 2 hours with the secret sauces are exceptionally lean and tender yetjuicy with unbeatable flavor. As a nutritional tonic, it is rich in protein,iron and essential vitamins, which is helpful to enhance the bodies' immunesystem and also a perfect gift for friends, colleagues and business associates.

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