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    Shanghai Hengshan Picardie Hotel is a five-star hotel with decades of reception experience. Located in Hengshan Road,ShanghaiHengshan Picardie Hotel, adjacent to the bustling Xujiahui business circle, has an elegant environment and convenient hardware facilities, avoiding many complicated processes and bringing you a unique one-stop wedding experience. Hengshan hotel is the first choice of new couples for the cost-effective wedding package.

    ¥From 5988 会员价格
    • ¥358 价值546元 仅供超级会员使用
    • ¥358 价值546元 仅供超级会员使用
    • ¥358 价值546元 仅供超级会员使用
    • ¥358 价值546元 仅供超级会员使用
    • Blossom hall

      Blossom hall, located on the third floor of the annex building, can accommodate twenty-three tables, which is the essence of all the halls in Hengshan Hotel. After the opening of elevate, what jumped into your eyes is the wide open welcome area, the most favorite place. Four meters high with luxurious marble chandeliers gives people a feeling of elegance and square design best suited to new wedding needs. The hall, surrounded by elegant decoration, highlights the extraordinary temperament but yet full of romantic aestheticism, making people generate a longing affection.

      Hengshan Hall

      Hengshan Hall, located on the fourth floor of the annex building, can accommodate twelve tables. The design of the left and right doors shines newly-married couples and the wooden floor of the stage shows a long history and Chinese elegant atmosphere. Clean and bright decoration style is suitable for a variety of wedding arrangements.

      Taishan Hall

      Taishan Hall, located on the fourth floor of the annex building, can accommodate six tables, which is the most elegant banquet hall of Hengshan Hotel. Taishan Hall has assembled ArtDeco, French architecture and other centralized French architectural style, and the overall decoration highlights the luxurious temperament suitable for the ceremony and small wedding.

      ArtDeco Style Ritual Hall

      Location: Taishan Hall, 4th Floor, the annex building


      1, the ceremony site layout

      2, the ceremony site floriation

      3, sound plus microphone

      4, coffee break for 40 people

      Service time: the service time is 2 hours, and the time is 14: 30-16: 30

    • 2016-04-27


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